Open source Requirement Management Tool

Check out how RiseVal Infotech helped a community of volunteers supporting opensource requirement management tool as an alternative to expensive commercial products.


The product was a open source requirement management tool (OSRMT) is written in Java. It runs on Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac and allows several databases as backend connection. The source code is hosted on GitHub with a mirror on SourceForge.

The client is a community of volunteers who support their users and one another as they develop a software requirements management tool that gives everyone a free, open source alternative to expensive, proprietary commercial products.

Client defines themselves as “We, a community of ordinary people, are creating an extraordinary tool that will transform software development.”

Consulting for Success when a product release was already late and the team was demoralized

The goal was to provide regular, frequent releases including source, documentation, and announcements on social media and on their website. But, they faced challenges at getting their releases out the door reliably. Their plan was to release a new version every two months. They used Slack for communications.

Coordination was a challenging task since the team lived in many time-zones. Volunteers were only available for a couple of hours per day. English was a second language for most volunteers. This volunteer work is the third priority for them after having a life and a job to pay the bills. So people are often dropped out from project unexpectedly.

They needed a consultant with software experience, excellent communications skills including good written English and a large store of patience to help us keep their release process on track.

Leading volunteers are very different from consulting a regular project of paid employees since volunteers can leave anytime they wish. A gentle, polite, patient approach is essential and solid experience was a major asset.

RiseVal Action
  • RiseVal Consultant proactively envisioned pain areas and charted out the growth strategies.
  • Our Consultant had visualized scope of improvement in
    • Quality intellectual capital,  constraints and issues about process orientation,
    • Superior collaboration and idea-sharing
  • Acted as a trusted consultant & leader, she helped the client in succeeding the goal and provided hand-holding for successor to sustain the growth and their Mission and Vision.
Client Mission

Deliver a free, open source requirement management tool that makes it easier and faster for developers to deliver reliable, secure software that users love.

Client Vision

A world where every developer uses our tool and contributes to its continued improvement.

URL for this Opensource Requirement Management Tool :
Client Feedback on RiseVal Consultancy


“We are a community of part-time volunteers scattered around the world developing free, open source software development tools. That is a very difficult project to manage.

Banu became our project manager when our release was already late and we were demoralized. She hit the ground running, took charge and got us to completion. She is knowledgeable, organized, a good communicator and has a vast store of patience.

Banu is the finest project managers I’ve worked with and I recommend her without reservation to everyone.”

– Alan Clifford, OSRMT

Client Ranking on RiseVal Consultant in 1.0 to 5.0 scale where 1.0 is the least and 5.0 is the best :


1.  Skills                   – 5.0
2. Quality                 – 5.0
3. Availability          – 5.0
4. Deadlines            – 5.0
5. Communication – 5.0
6. Co-operation       – 5.0
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