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RiseVal helped an US based HR recruitment firm with road map of creating innovative recruitment portal focusing on recruiters, companies and candidates to collaborate by creating Agile platform to work with remote developers, enumerate product backlog and do release management easily.


Started in 2017, Hire Keyz is cutting edge job portal to provide online recruitment services to it’s users. The people behind Hire Keyz have very long and successful career in recruitment industry.¬† The company started its focus on US based recruitment and has potential to compete with established competitor like DICE.

Hire Keyz had a team of developers, but though every stake holder was doing their best, the management had noticed that the overall productivity has scope for improvement but improving the process, communication and the workflow.  Further, the remote developers need to download full source code of the upcoming product denting the confidentiality about it.

In order to achieve the process improvement, they were looking to rely on an expert that has significant experience proven in the industry so that they can get the results “right at the first time” without much of iterations.

To augment their ambitious business plan, Hire Keyz intended to use the IT tool to reach out to recruiters, employers and potential candidates so that an innovative platform gets created for all of these stake holders to achieve their goals profitably. As a part of their plan, they have consulted, RiseVal Infotech to help them to realize their plans.

RiseVal Infotech’s able leaders have accessed the business goals, existing systems, processes, resources etc and created a cost-effective plan to achieve the target.¬† Besides plain consulting, they also helped Hire Keyz to setup parameters like project office, project management software, emails, resources and technology.

RiseVal seamlessly empowered fully researched product management strategies and interoperable remote and “organic” sources of Hire Keyz besides protecting the source-code access.

RiseVal Action

  • RiseVal Consultant proactively envisioned the areas for improvement and charted out the project plan.
  • Our Consultant had visualized scope of improvement in
    • Setting up of Work Environment that can be used by remote developers and staff.
    • Easy workflow & communication,¬† constraints and issues about process orientation,
    • Superior collaboration and idea-sharing
  • Acted as a trusted consultant & leader,¬† helped the client in succeeding the goal and provided hand-holding for successor to sustain the growth and their Mission and Vision.

In order to coordinate proactive Agile project management via process-centric “outside the box” thinking, a platform for using opensource Redmine tool was built.¬† Another opensource tool Slack was¬† interfaced with the tool so as to get project communications to relevant remote developers.

Further, using Apache Guacamole, a sophisticated platform was created for remote developers ensuring right access to right people.

Client Mission

Create an World-class Job portal focusing on US recruitment industry by including a missing piece of workflow innovatively.

Client Vision

A Job Portal where every recruiter likes to use for the fastest search not only by self search but also by delegation.

URL for this Tool :

  1. http://www.hirekeyz.com

Client Feedback on RiseVal Consultancy

“Satheesh from RiseVal helped us in creating infrastructure for all of our projects, project management system, mail system along with project logos and carried out extremely very good project management work including risk analysis and mitigation plan. He has good domain and IT industry knowledge as well. We recommend RiseVal Infotech for similar End to End portal development and project management requirement and Wish them all the best.”

                                                                                                                                                                                     РAkash Mishra

Client Ranking on RiseVal Infotech in 1.0 to 5.0 scale where 1.0 is the least and 5.0 is the best :

Skills                    Р5.0                            Quality          Р5.0
Availability          Р5.0                             Deadlines    Р5.0
Communication Р5.0                            Cooperation Р5.0
Overall – 5.0 Stars
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